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  • Look into our Tools

  • Edit Parametric Models

  • Free e-learning courses

  • Watch Live Webinars

  • Access 3DCP Community*1


per month
  • Use Model Packages

  • Receive Printable Code

  • Access to CyBe Academy *2

  • Learn to become a 3DCP Operator

  • On demand Webinars

  • Access to Knowledgebase *3

  • Receive associated Guides *4

  • Directly Contact CyBe Support

*1 = The community will be a location (think of a forum) to learn more about 3DCP together with CyBe Employees, certified operators from all over the world and other 3DCP enthousiasts. – Currently WIP.


*2= The CyBe Academy is our Remote Learning platform. On this platform we have educational videos, documents and even games to help you become a 3DCP Operator, learn how to design for our 3DCP robots and much, much more. You can also earn badges through these courses to show the world that you have officially passed certain levels of expertise with 3D Concrete Printing.


*3 = The Knowledgebase holds just about all of our documentation regarding 3DCP. Everything we have learned over the years about various topics such as Software, the Hardware, the Mortar itself, Tactical and Strategical methods to bring 3DCP to the bigger public, Logistics… You name it, we got it.


*4= These guides will hold tips, tricks, guidelines and more to ensure the success of your print.